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    An Avalanche in the Alps

    Philip James De Loutherbourg

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    photo todd eberle
    the palace of itamaraty, brasilia
    oscar niemeyer, 1970

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    Swedish Island (by romap)

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    San Francisco 2014

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    charles machado

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    The Colossal Ice-Ball of Nuwit Kumungi

    Seen here in scale with a 720ft Ship, the Ice-Ball formed near Antarctica over about 5,000 years as a result of freezing winds gradually adding mass to an ice-berg.

    The Ball has been losing mass recently due to global warming, and is only 2/3 the size it was in 1980. Scientists estimate that once completely melted by 2050, the oceans will be a uniform 3 inches deeper than they are today.

    The Ice-Ball has been used in several films, most notably as Superman’s Fortress of Solitude in the Christopher Reeve movies and for the Ice Castle interiors of Die Another Day.

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    Surreal Gallery

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    Steven Vincent Johnson

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